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Wedding invitations contain ceremony information, the location of reception and a reply address. You may create a wording or use any of the Wordings . Enclosed also in invitations is Reply Cards which would be returned by guests. This facility enables you to provide an accurate guest count and proper planning. The cards match your invitations.

Celebrate and crown a close relative, friend, loved one’s  birthday with customized or personalized birthday card in style. Cards matches your choice of Colour, Wordings and Designs/Type

Words may not be enough to convey your deepest gratitude. Express all your unforgettable memories and appreciation in style and confidence at  a click  of your mouse.

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Important product features

Invitations are printed in your choice of Wordings, Ink colour and lettering style.

· Envelopes are provided with all invitations at no additional cost unless otherwise stated.

· Time taken to process your order will be 3-5 working days from receipt of your order for Invitations and Order of Service/ Programmes and within 24hours for all cards depending on  quantity.

· FREE sample of the item will be provided before you make a final decision.

· FREE serviettes on Wedding invitations.

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